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From creator acquisition to large YouTube datasets. StreamDNA helps you discover top influencers, optimize lead generation, enrich your data and much much more.


Hassle-free solutions that save you time, energy, and money:
Reach Creators at scale

With our world-leading database of YouTubers, we can find & reach your audience

Over 1.3 million YouTuber emails
Monthly lead Generation
Creator outreach as a service
YouTube channel discovery tool
Target the right channels for ad placements on YouTube

Sponsored or Adsense!

Finding the right channels is hard. Lets collaborate to find and target your ideal audience effectively. Maximize your ROI by choosing the right channels that align with your brand's goals and values.

Ad placement targeting
Data enrichment
API access
Engineering and Machine Learning data training

Customized Research Solutions: Collaborate with us to design projects that specifically address your research questions, or training data needs.

Access to high volume datasets
Historical datasets
Bespoke projects

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1,000+ customers

Camille Grasley
Managing Director @ Now Creatives

"StreamDNA has been an indispensable asset in our quest to find a method of reliably identifying creators who are committed to growth and poised to invest in their commitment"

Santiago Diaz
Founder @ Lang2views

"Thanks to their effectiveness, we have been able to increase our sales. We are currently planning to increase our marketing efforts and we are determined to continue to use StreamDNA's platform thanks to the reliability and results it has produced."

James Alexander
Founder @ Asqme

"As a startup, quickly acquiring quality customers at reasonable cost is essential. StreamDNA collaborated closely, bringing to bear their deep expertise, creativity and experience in the creator space. Moreover, the delivery rate reflected the high-quality and reliability of their data. Would recommend their services and data to anyone. “rm audience queries into revenue opportunities."

Matt Cisneros
Founder @ Backyard Ventures

“When expanding my business into the YouTube space it became daunting finding channels, until I discovered Channel Crawler. I've used the service multiple times and the ease has led to not only saving me time, but also a boost in revenue. I'd highly recommend Channel Crawler to anyone diving into the world of YouTube.“

Jorge Brea
CEO @ Symphonic

"Working with StreamDna was an exceptional experience from start to finish. Their incredibly attentive team not only provided us with a top-notch product but also went above and beyond to ensure that it seamlessly integrated into our business operations. With their innovative solutions, we've been able to maximize our efficiency and elevate our performance to new heights.”

Doing more with data

Data is the heart of StreamDNA:
Over 158m YouTube channels indexed

Without the right data:

- You target the wrong audience
- Creator connections are harder to create
- Your research is less compelling
- You waste a lot of time

Together, we can help you maximise the value of YouTube channel data.
See the data we have available:

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